Program: Firestation
Location: Vernon, CA
Year: 2016

Vernon, Ca : “Exclusively Industrial!”Sited in the dilapidated industrial city of Vernon, CA near Los Angeles, this project both seeks to defend its surroundings as a fire station through emergency response and provide aesthetic cognizance of its own dichotomy in that it is an organism prepared to support an inevitable catastrophe. Spatially, this fire station relies on the disintegration of organization and allows the architecture to reestablish order in a post-entropic state.

The projected fire station and training facility aspires to explore the tectonic and formal implications that chaos and circumstance impose on a structure. In a sense, this potentially self-destructive technique implies total unity of idea, site, form, color, method, and timing of the disintegrative process.

Vernon, CA

Early Rotational Studies
Process Studies

Site Plan


Ground Floor Plan

Sectional Diagrams

2nd Floor Plan