Program: Elementary School
Location: Koreatown, LA, CA
Year: 2015

  Located in Piazza Brunelleschi, a short jaunt from the monolithic Duom in the center of Firenze, this project acts as a new entry building for a preexisting humanitarian library. The piazza sits in a state of dilapidation and neglect, mostly used as a parking lot and gathering place for the fringe inhabitants of the city. This contemporary addition attempts to establish and re-envision the piazza as a place of information exchange and social condensation through the lifting of the pedestrian realm from the street, not
unlike the nearby Biblioteca Oblate.
Diagrammatically, this project’s L-shaped
parti abuts the surrounding buildings to create an enclosed courtyard wit many pathways that enter from the street. The ground houses a bookstore a well as two theatres for lectures and films. Directly from the street, a staircas ascends and invites users to access the raised café, study room, outdoor space, and art gallery along the corridor into the library. In essence, the
building performs as a raised platform for social interaction and gathering wit stages for exhibits, education, and leisure.

Ground Level Plan

Second Level Plan

Section A

Section B